Digital media has brought us new opportunities to sketch the future of our cities by allowing us to interact with and plan our environment more efficiently. Urban design is taking advantage of technology to look at different areas of cities in a more positive way and is attempting to create new images for the future. The VENEW conference is a place for architects, city planners, designers, artists and scientists to get together and come up with new ideas for digital media usage in urban design and entertainment. VENEW is organized by Digital Media Design master students of both HfK and University of Bremen. The conference relies on external expertise in different fields in architecture, art, computer science, design and urban planning as well as the students’ unique research work. The VENEW conference consists of 3 distinctive subtopics called layers, each of the three layers deals with one of the key aspects of Urban Design.

green VENEW#Informational focuses on different ways of how to visualize city data, how to inform and guide tourists through the city, how to use digital signs and much more. Here we aim to discover solutions for dealing with information in an easy, mobile, efficient format.
orange VENEW#Architecture focuses on architectural side of urban design. Architects design with their buildings the face and identity of a city. How can digital Media help architects create efficient and sustainable buildings? Talks in VENEW#Architecture will deal with a variety of different topics related to architecture and media.
purple VENEW#Entertainment focuses on different aspects of art and  entertainment present in a city. How can we make waiting in line fun, what possibilities of gamification arise when thinking about a traffic light? What is digital Street art? Can street art brighten the day of citizens? Everything related to digital Media in urban-entertainment and -art will be discussed inside of VENEW#Entertainment.

We invite you to attend VENEW and share your experience and knowledge with the students. Under you can register for VENEW and also submit ideas for contributions to VENEW. Looking forward to seeing you at VENEW.