Annika Meyer

Annika Meyer and Ernest de Castro are part of eventfive: a digital media company specializing in the conceptualization, production and communication of ideas for art, science and industry through digital media, interaction and audio-visual programming. Annika Meyer is the managing partner and Ernest de Castro is the lead motion graphic and 3d animation designer.
Ernest de Castro and Annika Meyer completed their Masters in Digital Media at the Hochschule für Künste in Bremen and were part of the Master project group that created Notion Haze : an ambient art installation which used projections on a controlled fog curtain to explore ephemeral narratives of the city of Bremen. Then, as part of a student workgroup under the guidance of Prof. Roland Kerstein, Ernest and Annika worked on a wide variety of projects in Bremen such as interactive touch tables, live opera digital backdrops, image films and other digital installations.
Ernest and Annika were in the core group that formed eventfive. In eventfive, Ernest and Annika helped create many of the projects used by the European Regional Developmet Fund (ERDF) in Bremen in communicating and promoting (among other projects) their urban development efforts.