Augmented Reality in Chemistry Education

beaker1 ¬†Students of the international digital media program at the University of Bremen, Parnian Tavakol and Xiaofen Peng will be presenting their joint research project at this year’s VENEW conference. Their presentation, Potential Evaluation of Augmented Reality in Chemistry Education, is an investigation into the value of augmented reality as a mode of visualisation between the real and virtual world, particularly within the realm of education. The study of augmented reality is an exciting reconnaissance into possible futures for interaction within urban spaces.

“Augmented reality (AR) is a useful visualization technique which provides a seamless interaction between the real and virtual world. AR has its own potential in educational fields specifically where students cannot possibly experience in the real world.The purpose of this study is to evaluate whether AR could be an alternative tool for conceptual learning in chemistry field in the future. In regard to our goal, a group of chemistry teachers were asked to work with one specific online AR chemistry application and give feedbacks.” (abstract provided by Parnian Tavakol and Xiaofen Peng)

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