Collaborating between universities

One of the biggest challenges of the Digital Media Design course is to bring together people with different backgrounds, from different universities. Each has their own way of doing things and different administrative structures as well. It’s been really great to discover that both universities are more than willing to use their structure to help our conference become better know.

The first step for the Communications team was to approach both Press Offices. At the HfK, the press team was extremely welcoming and helped us a lot with tips for approaching the German press successfully. Because we are a mixture of cultures and nationalities, this influences the way we communicate. And we want to make sure we are sending the right message to the press, to our speakers and, most of all, to our audience.

The HfK Press Office also gave us very good news about promoting our conference, because they’ve offered us to have some posters and flyers printed “for free”, that is, without having to tap into our resources coming from the sponsors. That was great news indeed, as we have a very limited budget and the material created by the design team deserves good printing. Also, this means that we will have time to promote our conference during the HfK Hochschultage! This is our best chance to get attention for the conference, as usually there are thousands coming to the HfK to check out the latest projects on art, music and design. So next week we will all be very busy putting up posters and distributing flyers during the Hochschultage.

We also had meetings with the Press Office at Uni Bremen and they were equally nice. They offered not just tips and guidance, but also to promote our conference in their website homepage, which gets a considerable amount of views by people who are our intended audience. Reaching out to them early enough was critical to getting important information and still being able to plan our actions in the last 2.5 months before the conference. Time is ticking!

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