Gangs of Bremen: Mobile Games Research Initiative

VENEW is privileged to have Prof. Dr. Barbara Grüter confirmed to deliver a keynote speech at this year’s conference. Prof. Dr. Grüter is the head of the digital media program at the University of Applied Sciences, Bremen (Hochschule Bremen) and director of the ‘Gangs of Bremen’ mobile gaming research group.

Gangs of Bremen is a research initiative focused on mobile gaming experiences and human computer interaction. The program fosters a number of key projects that represent the broad potential for theoretical and practical research in mobile gaming. One of the key projects is ‘Landmarks of Mobile Entertainment’, a study of the way in which we navigate our physical environment in relation to landmarks and the potential ways this can be related to the realm of mobile gaming.

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Gangs of Bremen has produced a number of prototypal and published games as part of the project including Freimarkt App by Christina Hülsemann. The game is an interactive map and physical/social network device for Bremen’s annual Freimarkt festival. Freimarkt App is available for download from the Appstore and Android Market.

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