Karsten Joost

Karsten Joost is initiator of the FabLab-Project-Bremen.

Joost was initially employed as a toolmaker in the automobile industry before studying fine arts at the University of the Arts Bremen as a master scholar of Prof. Yuji Takeoka.

He was introduced to the principles of the FabLab concept through creative economist friends in the Netherlands. With the FabLab-barcamp which he realized in Wilhelm-Wagenfeld-House in February 2010 together with his Bremen Partners, he is counted as one of the first people to promulgate this new type of laboratory in the German Federal Republic. In close cooperation with the work group dimeb (Digital Media in Education) / University of Bremen, Joost is committed to the founding of a Bremen FabLab with a key aspect on education.The focus of his work is, above all, the project development and discourse exchange between institutions from the classic economy, creative industries, research and education. Joost is networked with and is a member of the International FabLab Association.