Monday 18th of March 2013

10:00—10:30 Welcome
Andreas Breiter & Roland Kerstein
10:30—10:45 Introduction
Mulluemebet Dilnesaw & Stefanos-Rafail Trialonis
10:50—11:35 Keynotes
Prof. Dr. Barbara Grüter
11:40—12:20 Keynotes
Prof. Dr. Frieder Nake
12:20—13:30 Food break
13:30—14:15 VENEW#Informational Speak 1
Florian Podszun & Oliver Ahlbrecht
University of Applied Science Bremen/myEbadge GmbH & Convelop
14:20—15:05 VENEW#Informational Speak 2
Stefanos-Rafail Trialonis
Impact of Digital Signage in Waterfront Bremen
15:05—15:30 Coffee break
15:30—16:00 Student Paper 1
Ernesto Araiza & Saber Adavi
The accessibilty of government websites of Iran and Mexico
16:05—16:50 VENEW#Informational Speak 3
Kristi Grišakov
Shared Information Space Between Cross-Border Capital Regions
16:55—17:40 VENEW#Informational Speak 4
Ernest de Castro & Annika Meyer
eventfive GmbH

Tuesday 19th of March 2013

10:00—10:45 VENEW#Architecture Speak 1
Fabian Gronbach & Jurgen Graef
Intuity Media Lab in Stuttgart & Self employed
10:50—11:20 Student Paper 2
Ivana Curic
Integration of Interactive 3D Elements on Websites
11:25—11:55 Student Paper 3
Parnian Tavokol
Potential evaluations of augmented reality in chemistry education
11:55—13:00 Food break
13:00—13:30 Student Paper 4
Sammy Jobbins-Wells
spamBox: Re-imagining possible futures for spam data waste management
13:35—14:05 Student Paper 5
Pulichintha Anusha
Facebook as a public relations management tool for University of Bremen
14:05—14:30 Coffee break
14:30—15:15 VENEW#Art and Entertainment Speak 1
Thorsten Bauer
Urban Screen
15:20—16:05 VENEW#Art and Entertainment Speak 2
Karsten Joost
FabLab Bremen
16:10—16:40 VENEW#Art and Entertainment Speak 3
Simon Engelbertz, Mulluemebet Dilnesaw, Helena Nacinovic , Yang Zhong
Fablab Paper
16:40—17:00 Closing
18:00 After Conference Party
Schedule of the conference