Sponsors, speakers and social media

Our VENEW team has been very busy in the last few weeks. Some of the biggest challenges of this conference organization have been achieved, so we have very, very good news.

We now have companies sponsoring our conference (names to be announced soon) and we also have a full row of speakers ready to come to Bremen in March and join us. It’s very exciting! Here’s the list of speakers, first hand:`

  • Andreas Breiter
  • Roland Kerstein
  • Frieder Nake
  • Barbera Grüter
  • Fabian Gronbach
  • Jurgen Graef
  • Oliver Ahlbrecht
  • Florian Podszun
  • Karsten Joost
  • Ernest de Castro
  • Annika Meyer
  • Kristi Grišakov

Thanks to the Editorial team and Management team for this work, our conference is much closer to being complete!

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