Thorsten Bauer

Large-scale projection on urban surfaces – this is URBANSCREEN´s field of activity. These media installations use high artistic standards and a consistent architectural background; in doing so creating uniquely outstanding impressions. Since starting to create site-specific media installations in 2004 – URBANSCREEN discovered a real varicolored approach with intersections to all kind of disciplines from art, architecture and technology – bringing together specialists from architecture, music, stage design and media-art.
The procedure of custom-made projection is titled ‘Lumentecture’. It enables the architecture being the central subject of poetical staging – rather in the means of a theatre play than a classical installation of media-art. Virtual characters occur in the windows like real figures. Apparent physical changes of a former static structure: The façade becomes an active element of this staging – integrating existent or inherent structures of the architecture as the leading actor of these video-projections. Changing one´s habitual view of the urban environment is a main aspect of this artistic interpretation. Thorsten Bauer, creative director and co-founder of URBANSCREEN will illustrate different aspects of this ‘Lumentecture’ approach on the basis of several productions realized during the past years. Showing that site-specific projection covers more than just a creative play of light – he will demonstrate intersections to other genres like architecture, aspects of urbanism, culture and society.