University of Bremen and Social Media


Anusha Pulichintha, Kranthi Kumar Yarlagadda and Narendar Reddy Burra will be presenting their research into the representation of the University of Bremen through social media. The research will be conducted from the perspective of current students of the university in respect to the usability and productivity of current social media practice. Social media is a fascinating digital manifestation of urban space and frequently leads to impassioned debate as to the level of augmentation in digital social representation. VENEW looks forward to the result of their investigation.

“Our core research question is how social media (Facebook, Twitter and Youtube) is used as a promotional tool for University of Bremen. With reference to earlier studies Organizations have not been able to use websites as a strategic and interactive stakeholder engagement tools. The idea is to analyze the content on the university official pages on the social media( primarily facebook, because of its dominance with more number of users) to understand the communication and to suggest improvements to be done on the page. For this, we are going to do , A survey from group of students (n=50) which includes the objectives like, the level of usage of social media to get the information about university and to examine the expectations of the students about facebook page.” (abstract provided by Anusha Pulichintha, Kranthi Kumar Yarlagadda and Narendar Reddy Burra)

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